How to Obtain a Sealed Birth Certificate.?


1. Call your state's vital statistics office. This office holds all records of births, deaths, divorce and marriages for the state. If you live in the state in which you were born, you can receive the certificate the same day by visiting your local
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You must apply to the registrar in your country in order to obtain birth certificates. Most times it would take between one to six months to obtain.
A raised seal birth certificate is a birth certificate which has been
1. Examine the birth certificate. This birth certificate contains vital information on the individual and his parents. 2. Look for identifiable marks on the certificate. A certified
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To get a certified raised seal birth certificate, you need to obtain an official copy. This can be obtained from the county in which you were born. ...
1. Petition the Superior Court of the county of your adoption. In the petition, mention why you want your birth certificate unsealed. The court will appoint a ...
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