How Can I Make a McDonald's Birthday Party Special?


McDonald's offers special birthday parties for children that includes Happy Meals and birthday cakes. If the McDonald's has a Play Place reserve this area for the kids to play. Send invitations and decorate for the party. Select a theme for the party and have the kids dress in theme costumes.
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1. Choose a McDonald's branch with a Play Place so that the birthday child has the opportunity to run around and play with other young guests. A location without a play area is not
When planning a birthday party you first need to set a budget. Think about how much you're going to spend before you actually start spending. Write out your list, to make things easier
I pulled off a surprise 60th birthday party for my husband in spite of vacationing all summer. He was 60 in August. I planned on a surprise party for him on September 8. We would
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1. Decide which McDonald's location would be best for your party. Choose the area in your town that you consider the safest and cleanest so other parents will ...
There are various places you can have a birthday party. A child's birthday party can be held at a bowling alley, McDonald's or Chuck E. Cheese. An adult birthday ...
The way to plan a 2nd birthday party is to plan something at a local park or McDonald's or a place that is safe for small children to play. There, they can eat ...
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