Birthday Quotes for Husband?


Your husband is a special guy, and finding the perfect birthday quote to describe him is important. This quote can be something you wrote yourself or something you find in a card. However, keep it unique and complimentary towards the man in your life. Quotes that speak about your husband's intelligence, good looks, work ethic, and love are great stepping stones in the right direction. Use quotes that your husband said to you on a first date, or your wedding night to rekindle an old flame.
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1. Leave sticky notes reminding him of upcoming birthdays where he will find them. Some good places include his steering wheel, the bottom of the toilet seat lid, on the mirror and
your one year closer to death! ( then mumble under your breath yes and do it loud enough to hear and hopefully they will take it as a joke)
Husbands can be tricky! If boys want something they tend to just go out and get it. And if he's anything like mine he will have bought all the good stuff he wants for himself before
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