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Birthday speeches depend on the age, gender, and relationship of the speech giver to the birthday boy or girl. If the speech is given at an adult birthday party by a best friend, for example, focus on memorable aspects of the friendship and what it means to you. Crack a few jokes about being, 'Over the Hill' and tie it into a serious conclusion about how special the person is, and how the world is a better place because they were born into it.
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1. Say thank you. Thank all of your guests for attending and those who put together your birthday soiree. Compliment something about the event such as the delicious food, amazing
1. Choose a category to talk about. Whoever's birthday it is, you can always talk about them (what's great about them, who they are etc)or you can talk about something totally random'...
Birthday is a noun.
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About Birthday Speeches
Making a speech at a birthday party is a popular tradition usually offered by a close friend or relative. Learn to give a great birthday speech from an award-winning public speaker in this free public speaking video.... More »
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A birthday speech is a mixture of lighthearted, humorous and touching information about the individual celebrating the birthday. This combination keeps the mood ...
Turning 21 is a big occassion. An example of a 21st birthday speech follows. Hello, I would like to thank you for all coming to celebrate this milestone with me. ...
The best way to give a birthday speech is to say something heartfelt about the friend or family member celebrating their birthday. You can throw in something humorous ...
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