Birthday Wishes in Spanish?


To wish someone a happy birthday in Spanish, say 'Te deseo un feliz cumplea?os.' 'Que todos tus deseos se vuelvan realidad' means 'may all your wishes come true.'
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Happy birthday is Felis Cumpleanos. with a tilda over the n.
1. Aim for pleasant responses. Birthdays are times for fond reminiscing, not anger over past hurts or misfortunes. Keep this in mind to avoid opening old wounds or creating new relationship
1 When your birthday is coming on right date . 2 If you threw a party and invited family and friends . 3 When your birthday cake was there with candles . 4 Follow your next age on
The phrase " I wish you a Happy Birthday! translates to "Le'i-w...
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The phrase 'birthday wishes' in Spanish translates to 'deseos De cumpleanos'. The phrase's singular form, 'birthday wish', would be 'deseo De cumpleano'.
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