Birthday Wishes in Spanish?


To wish someone a happy birthday in Spanish, say 'Te deseo un feliz cumplea?os.' 'Que todos tus deseos se vuelvan realidad' means 'may all your wishes come true.'
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Happy birthday is Felis Cumpleanos. with a tilda over the n.
Happy birthday in Spanish is feliz cumplea'os. Happy birthday to you is feliz cumplea'os a ti. It is pronounced fay-leez coom-play-an-yos.
Shout out your birthday wishes, post them on your favorite social network site, or send an old-fashioned birthday card. Whichever means you choose to let someone know you’re
1 When your birthday is coming on right date . 2 If you threw a party and invited family and friends . 3 When your birthday cake was there with candles . 4 Follow your next age on
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The phrase 'birthday wishes' in Spanish translates to 'deseos De cumpleanos'. The phrase's singular form, 'birthday wish', would be 'deseo De cumpleano'.
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