How to Use a Bissell Big Green Clean Machine?


The Bissel Green Machine is a rental carpet cleaner with high dirt removing power designed to handle tough spots and stains. You however have to monitor its water and solution levels through the flow indicator. Its use requires different procedures in cleaning the carpet, distinct from the hard flooring. This can be acquired from its cleaning manual, easily acquired from its dealerships.
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1. Vacuum the floors. If possible, use a standard vacuum for this task. However, if you must use the Big Green Machine to complete the dry vacuuming, pull the dry filter bag over
Bissell has a website that has FAQ link under customer might try that. Good luck.
Bissell Little Green Machines are available for purchase from many different stores and retailers. Some examples of stores that stock this product include Walmart and OverStock.
have a Bissell Big Green 1672, the older canister model. Went crazy trying to figure out how to get to the pump. Finally figured it out. The top green "shell" covers the
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