Bissell Carpet Cleaner Instructions?


The Bissell Proheat 12 Amp Carpet Cleaner is a machine used for cleaning and sanitizing carpets. You can find instructions in the manual that should be provided with it. You can also contact the manufacturer or search online for manuals.
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1. Open the water compartment of the cleaner, located near the base of the machine. Press the release clamp to detach the unit, fill with tap water, and snap it back into place. 2
1 Remove the clear plastic cover. Ad 2 Remove the two screws at the front (red arrows), pry up the top (red arrow) and then pry out the front above the screw holes. 3 Use a wet rag
Look at the Bissell web site. You can enter the model number and get the operator's manual for Bissell products.
you have to rince the machine by filling a bucket of clean water and using the hose sucking up the water into the machine at the same time cleaning any residue of soap and fiber components
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Bissell Carpet Cleaner Instructions
Despite regular vacuuming and taking other precautions to keep your carpet clean, over time dirt will become embedded into the fibers and stains will likely accumulate. Having your carpet shampooed by professional carpet cleaners can be expensive, so... More »
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