What is the size conversion for size 27 BKE jeans?


Size 27 BKE jeans for women are the same as a traditional size 4. BKE women's jeans are sold by waist and length measurements. This method is far more common in men's clothing than women's.

BKE is a brand of jeans produced by The Buckle, Inc. The company offers clothing, footwear and accessories for young women and men, and it conducts business both online and in physical locations. Over 450 stores, named either Buckle or The Buckle, are found in 43 states. The business began in 1948 as Mill's Clothing, a men's store in Nebraska. In 1967 the company enlarged and changed its name to Brass Buckle. It became Buckle, Inc., in 1991.

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A 25 in BKE jeans is about a size 5 in women's jeans. In men's jeans, this would
i wear 27-29s. and i fit anywhere from a 5-7. so roughly around there. most likely a 5. :
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