How to Sharpen a Black & Decker Electric Hedge Trimmer?


Always unplug the electric hedge trimmer before you begin. Put your Black & Decker hedge trimmer in a vise or have someone hold it for you. Use a die grinder to sharpen the blades. Always wear protective goggles and gloves when sharpening your blades.
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Things You'll Need. Vise. Rotary tool/Sharpening pad. Outdoor extension cord, 25 feet. Lubricating spray can. Instructions. Place the Black & Decker hedge trimmer in a vise on
$40.94 at Sears is the cost of a Black and Decker hedge
I tried hand sharpening the blade (with a file) with everything assembled, and I ended up with all sorts of cuts and scratches because it was so awkward. The work space is just too
1 Unplug the trimmer before doing anything involving the line. Press the release tab and pull the cap off, as shown. Ad 2 After removing the spool, discard all the line on the spool
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