How to Use Black & Decker Steamers?


Instructions for using the Black & Decker Steamer are to fill the reservoir up to the appropriate line with cold water. Put the drip tray onto the base of the steamer. The food goes into the steaming bowl and the bowl gets covered.
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Black & Decker Steamer Instructions
Steaming food retains many nutrients lost through other methods like baking, sauteing and braising. The Black and Decker electric steamer enables cooking several items at once on different levels. It can also steam rice.... More »
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1. Plug the steamer in. Pour the appropriate amount of water into the water reservoir. The amount of water will vary depending on the food item you are cooking. Consult your Black
You use a rice steamer by filling it with the required amounts of water and rice and then turning it 'on' or to a timer set.
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The Black and Decker Handy Steamer is a small 4-quart kitchen appliance that is used to steam food, including rice, with a built in egg tray and a drip tray. The ...
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