Black Cord Necklace?


To make a black cord necklace, first obtain some black cord. Visit an arts and crafts or fabric store for decorations, ideas and other materials you can use on your necklace. Tie it together according to how long and how much slack you want it to have.
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1. Make sure the cord has been strung through the pendant or beads before beginning. Although slip knots are easy to remove, it is best to have the pendant in place before beginning
1. Obtain the items you need. You will first need some stretchy cord and beads (you can find these at a art and craft shop. 2. Measure. Be sure to measure out enough cord to ensure
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To make a cord necklace, you could get a sturdy length of cord and string something through it. At the end, you could make a hook or fastener to close off the ...
The most common way to attach a clasp to a leather cord necklace is to use a clasp that allows the leather cord to be inserted. Once the leather cord is inserted ...
There are different interpretations for color shadings in mood necklaces but the basic colors and meanings seem to be universal. Black-for fear or stress; red ...
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