Black Fin Shark Catfish?


The black fin shark catfish has a high fin and long whiskers, and this gives it the classical catfish appearance. These fish species is notorious for growing and becoming quite large while in the aquarium. With that in mind a tank with a minimum size of 70 gallons is the most ideal to purchase.
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1. Establish an accurate diagnosis before embarking on a course of fin rot treatment. Symptoms of fin rot include frayed, ragged and split fins with a white edge or streaks of blood
I think the black fin shark you are referring to is the Columbian Shark, since it is a catfish and is often called the "black fin shark" in pet stores. Here's a good shot
Mainly fish and other sea creatures, rays, skates. i feed mine tropical flakes but alot of people feed them red blood worms because they are bottom feeders.
The blacktip reef shark has a black dorsal fin.
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A Black-fin Shark or Jordan's Catfish is a member of the catfish family. This fish is easy to care for and is not a finicky eater. The only problem with feeding ...
Black fin sharks are popular choices for pet owners with freshwater aquariums. If you have a black fin shark, it can live peacefully with other fish. These sharks ...
Fish that can live well with goldfish include the Chinese high fin, corydoras catfish and white cloud minnows. The black Moore, the comet, the fantail, the ryukin ...
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