How to Put Blonde Streaks in Black Hair?


If you're going to put a lighter color into black hair you will need to bleach it first. You cannot add lighter colors to black so you will need to strip the color off. Once you've done this you will be able to add the blond streaks or pink streaks in your hair.
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If your hair is not already black, the first step is to dye your hair black completely black. This should be done with a rinse and not a permanent color. A rinse is more of a coating
You would have to bleach it and it will damage your hair regardless, if you have a beauty store around you, I'd go in there and ask what would be best to use on your hair. Doing it
Consider something that will show up, such as hot pink, or electric blue. Ask your stylist what would suit you too. Light, pastel colors won't show up in hair that dark. also, you
bleach a streak of black in your hair and get it light blonde. Use tin foil (like they do in the salons) to bleach to streak. Buy the pink you want for your hair and apply. The lighter
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The best option for blonde hair with black streaks or blonde streaks in black hair is to go to a professional salon. Otherwise, beauty supply stores and drug stores ...
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