Black Hair with Purple Highlights?


Black hair with purple highlights is a hair style that is common among women. It gives an edgy look for hair with a nice color streak and it is appealing for both long and short hair. You can view pictures on how to put this hair style on sites such as slodive.
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1. Blond hair is easily colored. Choose which shade of purple you'd like to streak your hair with. Purple hair color can be purchased at specialty stores, costume shops and some retail
1 Buy your materials. please look on things you need down below. Ad 2 Start by putting on your gloves so it won't get on your hands and bleach them. 3 Take your hair and part it evenly
Light brown highlights look good with black hair. ChaCha on!
I'd say pink or blonde. but if you have a favourite colour, highlight it that colour. Anything goes with black.
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People use a lot of different colors to highlight their hair when they have black hair. People have been known to use colors such as red, purple, blonde, brown ...
You can highlight your own hair with purple by first deciding on whether you want a temporary dye or a permanent dye. Next, you can apply the hair color cream ...
To highlight your own hair with purple, first purchase the color purple at retail stores. Then don on gloves and put on a cape. Mix the color as per manufacturer's ...
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