Black Lab Chow?


Black lab chow mix dogs often take on lab dominate characteristics. However, they are usually smaller than a purebred lab and have more angular faces. These dogs make good pets and are often very protective of their families. Black lab chow mixed dogs have a very unique coat as most of these dogs are cream or golden in color. You can find this type of dog as shelters because it technically is a mut. However, you can breed this sort of dog yourself if you are able to do so.
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it says 5- 12 years. i know of them living up to 15 though.
Black Labs come from Newfoundland. There Labrador Retrievers and are either black, chocolate, or yellow colored. As far as I'm concerned they are the best breed of dog I have ever
1. Search for Black Lab rescue organizations in your area. Foundations such as Labrador Retriever Rescue and Lab Rescue place Black Labs in loving homes. Some of the dogs may have
There's no name for it - just Lab/Chow cross. The Chow part makes it very independent
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