How Big Do Black Labs Mixed with Pitbull Get?


A Black Lab (Labrador Retriever) mixed with a Pitbull is called a Labrabull. When two different breeds of dogs are mixed the offspring take on a mixture of characteristics from the mother and father. A Black Lab is from 21 to 24 inches tall and a Pitbull is from 14 to 24 inches tall. A Labrabull will be from 21 to 24 inches tall and weigh between 22 to 78 pounds.
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An average lab weighs between 55 & 75 lbs & is 22-24 inches in height.
I would name him Bruiser or Dozer.
No set standard like purebreds, mutts are all different but most likely unstable. Get the dog a professional trainer and stop tapping the dogs butt, that may make the dog aggressive
I was just wondering what would be a good designer dog breed name for a Pitbull And Lab mix. I have mine in the picture. Asked by ♥ Arlowe ♥ on Mar 8th 2009 in General
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