Black Molly Pregnant Fish?


It is very common for the Black Molly fish to become pregnant. The fish are known to stay pregnant almost their entire lifetime. On average, the Black Molly fish gives birth to live babies every 2.5 months. The fish will get a little larger with a pouchy stomach right before giving birth. It is recommended to take out the male fish until the babies have grown. Usually, the Black Molly will, on average, give birth to 60 babies each time.
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1. Watch for any behavioral changes in your female molly fish. Some of the changes in behavior are that she may move slower in the water, stay away from other fish and eat more. 2
show me a picture of a pregnant black molly fish plz. some times they will have a Whit spot underneath them near bottom. As it gets closer to berth it will get darker this is called
We had a bunch of these that were pregnant! The babies are absolutely adorable! You can usually tell if it is pregnant because it will be a lot bigger looking than in average molly
Baktok, Your black mollies are live bearers. They have little fishys.Why there are black mollies is like asking why the sun shines
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The molly fish stay pregnant for about a month. They will have new babies every 3 months if the tank is kept in good condition. Millies are live bearers and ...
You can tell if a Molly fish is pregnant if you can see the bulge in the stomach. Usually, they are pregnant for around one month. The birth rate for these fish ...
You can breed female black mollies by keeping them with males in an aquarium larger tan 15 to 25 gallons. After a molly is pregnant, isolate her from males. After ...
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