Black Snake with Orange Belly?


The kind of snake that is back and orange on its belly is the Ring Necked snake. This is a garden snake that can't do too much harm.
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Depending on its size it is probably a worm snake. If its big then I have no idea. If its small and eats ants then it's defiantly a worm snake.
A Black Swamp Snake is black with an orange underbelly.
The Black Swamp Snake lives in coastal areas from NC to Fl. This small snake has smooth scales, a glossy black back & a bright orange belly.
It's a mud snake, can I have it. Source(s) I love mud snakes.
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The kind of snake that has a black back and an orange belly is known as the Black Swampsnake. These snakes are home to wetland such as the North Carolina and Florida ...
The rink snake is the snake that is black with an orange belly and an orange ring around its neck. It is usually found in the south. It is a poisonous snake that ...
The Black Swampsnake is a grayish colored snake with a belly that is bright orange. They are native to the coastal areas of North Carolina and range all the way ...
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