What type of black spider has white dots?


The spider that is black with 2 white dots on the back is the Phidippus audax. Although they can jump, they are harmless.
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There are many spiders that fit this description.so specifics would be helpful. If I were to guessed based on what is most common, I would say either a Bold or Daring Jumping spider
Daring (aka Bold) Jumping spider. Pict: http://insects.tamu.edu/extension/bullet…. As the articles mention , they are pretty harmless unless handled. Even then the bite will
1. Look for white-backed garden spiders. They live in the lower areas of vegetation. They stay visible. Females can grow as large as 25 millimeters and males remain smaller. They
This sounds like a jumping spider. They
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Types of Spiders: Black With White Dots
A black and white spider just went scuttling past you in the garden and you wonder if you should be worried. Probably not. Of the 3,000 species of spiders in North America only a few types are dangerous to humans. However, one of these, the black widow,... More »
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