Black Spider with White Spot?


The black spiders with the white spots are black widows, the white spotted jumping spider, and the white backed garden spider. A female black widow spider will also have a distinct red spot on the side, or on the back. A black widow spider is about 11 inches in length. They live in gardens, furniture, shrubbery, rain spouts, and gas meters. The black widow is a very venomous spider that can cause severe pain in the person and sometimes can render a person unconscious.
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A fuzzy black spider that has white spots on its back might be the White-Spotted Jumping Spider.
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The bold or daring jumping spider is 15mm long and nearly as wide. It has fluorescent green mouth parts. Its legs are short and thick in appearance, and its entire body is covered
I think that I just caught the same spider, it is a "Daring Jumping Spider. does yours have green/blue looking "Fangs" ? because that is definitely the one.
A black spider with white spots is likely a "Daring Jumping Spider" ,
your description is too vague to be certain, but on a guess, it sounds like a member of the salticidae family. a jump spider. probably phidippus genus, and maybe, P. Audax, P. Regulus
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There are a few spiders that have a white spot on their backs. Some types of spiders with the white spots on the back are the white backed garden spider, white ...
When in their adult stage black and white jumping spiders are black with white spots. When they are in their adolescent stage they are black with red/brown legs ...
The white-spotted jumping spider is black with white spots on it's abdomen. They tend to live in tropical regions and move in a crab like manner by moving side ...
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