How to Troubleshoot the APP Error 523 on a Blackberry Curve 8530?


The App Error 523 on a BlackBerry Curve 8530 can the troubleshooted by re-flashing your operating system. This is a common error. Lots of forums talk about how to fix this.
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1. Perform a phone reset by removing the battery from the Curve and putting back in again. Remove the cover on the back of the phone, pull the battery out, wait a moment, reinstall
1.Hold Escape Key While OS Booting2.Go to menu > options > Applications3.Delete ALL Third Party softwares 4.Turn off Your BB > Put out battery > put it again Tadaa...Your
U fart on it.
The solution may involve a low-level reformat of the operating
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1. Take your battery out of your phone. 2. Wait several seconds and place the battery back in. 3. Immediately press and hold the escape key, which is the large ...
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