How to Make a Blackberry Trellis?


To make a blackberry trellis dig a hole that has the required circumference, after digging all the holes pour a layer of crushed rock in each hole and insert the posts. Pour in concrete and allow to dry. Thereafter pour in dirt and put wire mesh around the posts created. For more steps you can go at
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1. Dig a hole 3 feet deep and big enough in circumference to easily accept the fence post. Dig a second hole 20 feet from this hole. These holes will define the outermost ends of
Regardless of the type of bramble you are growing, all will benefit from a trellis support system. Trellising your Blackberries not only reduces problems with disease, they also save
Drive the T-posts into the ground 1 foot deep at both ends of the rows in which you plan to grow your trailing blackberries. Wrap wire around one of the T-posts, 3 feet from the ground
Thorny blackberry bushes are treacherous to prune, and the sharp thorns make harvesting the berries hazardous to hands and arms. Blackberries trained on a trellis are easier to maintain
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