Blank Birth Certificate?


The only legal birth certificate is one obtained from the hospital at the time of birth. You can try to create a template of a blank birth certificate to print out. Another option is to try and obtain one from the state and make copies of the blank birth certificate.
Q&A Related to "Blank Birth Certificate?"
1. Navigate to a Web page that offers decorative birth certificates for free (see Resources) 2. Download the file. Choose the PDF format if the desired certificate is offered in various
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1. Contact your local Consulate General of Haiti or Haitian Consul in your state. Currently there are Haitian Consuls located in Washington, D.C. Miami, Chicago, Boston and New York
1. Fill out the birth registration form. You can obtain a form at the birth center in India or at the Town Registrar's office. It must be filed within 21 days of birth or there will
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