How to Make a Personal Medical History Form?


To make a personal medical history form, one needs to fill up a blank medical history form. These forms are downloadable at Beyond Web Services. It is also available at Good Housekeeping.
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1. Create a chart with all your personal information. Include your name, address, phone number, birth date, spouse, children and insurance information. Add your blood type, immunizations
Massage therapy and bodywork have a substantial effect on the body systems, so its important for your therapist to know about any conditions, like cardiovascular disease, recent injuries
Sorry, since HIPPA, that kind of thing is ILLEGAL. You could get your own medical forms and white out all the info, then make a form from that. Source(s) RN.
The best thing would be to get a form from (1) a massage school; or (2) your own professional liability insurance company; or (3) a professional association for massage providers;
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