Blanket Poncho Pattern?


the pattern to make a poncho from a blanket calls for a sewing machine, scissors and some thread. You will also need embellishments such as pom-poms if you choose to decorate it. Begin by laying out the blanket and folding it in half.
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1. Measure from the top of the shoulder down the arm to the point where you would like the poncho to hit on the body. For example, if you get a measurement of 20 inches, double this
The Inca poncho has patterns and colors that served as a form of identification; the Navajo blanket patterns and colors that are decorative.
Are you referring to a quilt? Go ChaCha!
Sharlene writes, Do you have any easy crochet blanket patterns? I'm looking for something I can just relax with for a couple of hours each evening and maybe when I have downtime on
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A poncho is a garment that is a mixture of a coat and a blanket. To sew a poncho without a pattern, cut out a large circle of material. In the middle of the circle ...
Free Poncho patterns can be found online for free. You can knit or crotchet a pattern. Poncho's can also be created from fabric that you can sew. The library, ...
Many people enjoy crocheting blankets out of a variety of yarns. It is a wonderfully relaxing hobby. To crochet a blanket, a pattern is usually followed. The size ...
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