How to Make a Bleach Bomb?


It will not cost you more than $10 to make a bleach bomb. The only thing you will need is bleach, aluminum foil and a two-liter of soda. This is a fun activity for older kids.
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The ingredients you will need for a bleach bomb include: 1. bleach 2. gas
ball up some toilet paper just enough that you can swallow , put it in some bleach let the toilet paper dry then take it . Source(s) thats what my friends do for a bleach bomb.
Hi, and welcome to our 14th build-it! if you have been with us through-out our journey, you may have noticed our build-it's becoming more pyrotechnically oriented. this is simply
household bleach = sodium hypochlorite NaClO. You would get ammonium sulphate and sodium chloride. no smell!
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