Bleach in Gas Tank?


The gas tank is really only meant for gasoline. For this reason, you should never use bleach to clean the gas tank of any motor vehicle. The bleach, itself, is not really the issue. But, the combination of bleach and left-over petrol can combine to create a potentially huge car repair bill.

Ultimately, bleach in the gas tank will lead to rust. And, if the automobile is started with any trace of bleach in it, the entire engine can corrode. Besides the ill-effect on the vehicle, pouring bleach in a gas tank can cause the entire automobile to combust or explode on contact, which makes it lethal for the person pouring the liquid. Automotive care professionals and vehicle-specific manuals will give you the best methodology for cleaning your gas tank properly.
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It will cause the tank to rust.
Things You'll Need. Fresh water source. Measuring cup. Household liquid chlorine bleach. Funnel. Drinking hose. Sewer system connection. Instructions. Turn your RV water heater off
Chlorine in bleach react with the chemicals in gas creating an acid
Since producers of gasoline often boast about the fuel additives they use that help clean the car's engine as the fuel is used, more than a few people have wondered if they could
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Effects of Bleach in a Gas Tank
Life is full of people who wish others harm, and they certainly have their ways of seeing it done. Pouring household chemicals into other peoples' gas tanks in the name of revenge probably goes back to the first horsedrawn cart-driver Karl Benz cut off... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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