How do you bleed GM ABS brakes?


Bleeding the breaks of a car can be hard on some systems of anti-lock. However in GM vehicles a scan is not required to bleed the ABS brakes. To bleed the ABS breaks you will need to open the bleeder. Have another person press on the break pedal to remove all the air. Bleed all brakes individually then test them once you are sure that the pedal is firm. Pressurize it to 15 kilograms per square with the bleeder screw closed. Connect the scanner and set to 'automatic bleed procedure'. Wait for it to finish bleeding then relieve the pressure and test the pedal height.
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1. Turn the vehicle off and put it into park. Apply the parking break, and turn the ignition switch to the "On" position, but do not start it. 2. Plug the connection cable
An automobile's Anti-lock Braking System or ABS is equipped to allow the driver control over the vehicle's direction while braking. If the brakes lock in one direction while braking
Brake Bleed Procedure. You will need the following tools: � Box-end wrench suitable for your car's bleeder screws. An offset head design usually works best. � Extra
take out all the screws in the door handles etc,slide the chrome suround forwards on the interior doorpull and remove.then, very carefully prise off the inner door panel(use a Y tool
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How to Bleed GM ABS Brakes
Bleeding the brake system after changing the brakes can be hard on some anti-lock braking systems. The good news is that on some GM vehicles, a scan tool isn't needed to bleed ABS brakes. A scan tool is only needed with a DBC-7 anti-lock braking system,... More »
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