Bleeding after Mirena Removal?


The amount of time you bleed after the Mirena IUD is removed varies from woman to woman. Many women report bleeding for 3-5 days only. It is not uncommon to have bleeding anywhere from 10-15 days.
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Heavy bleeding and clotting can occur for a few days after Mirena removal. Periods may be irregular for a few months, but you may even ovulate immediately after the removal depending
Some women do bleed heavily after this IUD is removed but this is rare, mostly it's spotting followed by a heavy first period. I think 9 days is excessive and your doctor should be
It makes sense to start just before the removal.
The exact chances have not been studied, but it has
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Bleeding After Mirena Removal
Mirena is an intrauterine device (IUD) for birth control. While inserted, many women experience little to no bleeding during their menstrual cycle. However, after Mirena is removed, women often experience heavy bleeding.... More »
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