How Do You Stop Bleeding While on DEPO Provera?


Bleeding while on the birth control, DEPO, will usually stop after 3 months to a year of usage. This is a normal reaction when a woman first uses this form of birth control. Another way to stop the bleeding is to stop receiving the DEPO shots.
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you can not stop your period it depends on your body and how it interact with the depo.
I had a baby 4 months ago and at my 6 week follow up I went on Depo Provera. Well Ive been bleeding every since. Not a heavy period but not light. I was scheduled for my 2nd shot
Things You'll Need. Depo-Provera prescription from doctor. Ovulation test kit. How to Get Pregnant While on Depo-Provera. Discontinue taking your Depo-Provera shots in order to maximize
The reason why you are having bleeding is because the
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