What is a blended family?


A blended family refers to a family in which the members are made up of children from previous relationships. Any family in which there are step-children present is a blended family.
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At home Give each child personal private space. This includes a bed, drawers, closet space, desk and a chair at the dinner table. This is especially important for nonresidential kids
1 When you go to your girlfriends house, for the first time and her parents are there, always remember to say thanks and you are welcome, and if you leave the room say excuse-me and
APEX: Two adults, each with children from previous relationships. This from a familiar website.www.wikipedia.com! LoL. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blended_family. An excerpt follows
"Yours, Mine & Ours" (2005) is a movie with a blended family. Widowed Coast
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