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Some of the most famous blind singers are Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Jeff Healy, and Ronnie Milsap. Ray Charles started to lose his eyesight at age 5 and went completely blind at age 7, due to glaucoma. Stevie Wonder was born six weeks premature, and the blood vessels at the back of his eyes had not yet reached the front and their aborted growth caused the retinas to detach. Jeff Healey became blind at age 1, due to cancer. His eyes had to be surgically removed, and he was given artificial replacements. Ronnie Milsap was born with a condition that left him almost blind. During his childhood he lost his remaining vision. Due to a developing blood clot, both his eyes were removed.
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There's only 2 that comes to mind. The first is Ronnie Milsap, who had a number of big hits on the country charts during the 1970's and 1980's. The second would be Terri Gibbs, who
Ronnie Milsap is a blind country singer who has won many awards.
He is Stevie Wonder. He was blind since birth, but he became a prominent figure in the world of music.
Andrea Bocelli (yes his name is Andrea) Source(s)
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In the movie Roadhouse, the blind singer is Jeff Healey. Healey played the role of Cody in the film. Healey went blind at age 1 from a cancer of the eyes called ...
The list of blind country singers is not so long. There are only about two who are quite popular. The first one is Terry Gibbs and the other one Ronnie Milsap. ...
Andrea Bocelli is a blind tenor singer. ChaCha. ...
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