Blister on the Uvula?


A blister on the uvula usually indicates an infection, and is the most common cause of sore throats. An infection of the uvula can cause problems swallowing, breathing, eating, and even talking. The location of the uvula is the reason it is so prone to infection. Any allergen that gets through the nose or mouth comes in direct contact with the uvula. Avoiding dehydration and excessive drinking and smoking can help to prohibit infection of the uvula.
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Not medical advice:You may be experiencing uvulitis (inflammation of the uvula). When this occurs, the membrane of the uvula becomes swollen & larger. See a doc
Herpangina causes a blister on the uvula. It would usually be
Dry mouth can cause a sore on your uvula (I have sinus problems, so breathing through my nose at night is difficult.) Drink some more water. Allergies can also cause sore throat or
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A blister on the uvula can be a sore throat, or a condition called Uvulitis. A doctor should be consulted to determine the proper steps to take in order to heal. ...
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