What are Blockbuster's opening hours?


Blockbuster opens at 10 AM Monday through Saturday. Most Blockbuster stores are open until 11 PM Monday through Thursday. Weekend hours are from 10 AM until Midnight on Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday they are open from noon until 11 PM. Blockbuster is a world leader in rentable home entertainment, with over 2,600 stores outside the US. Blockbuster is committed to supporting the communities that their members and employees call home. Blockbuster is a global leader in the international movie rentals.
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1. Hold the DVD case so that the yellow bar that displays "DVD" is legible. The opening will now be on the right side of the case. It is the only edge with an indention
The Blockbuster on Rand Rd is
It opens around 10
Standard opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 08:30 - 17:30, although we can run 24-hour production as client-demand dictates.
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