How to Get Green Chlorine out of Blonde Hair?


To get green chlorine out of blonde hair, some clarifying shampoos are available. For a home remedy, try rinsing with a half vinegar, half water solution.
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UNDERSTAND WHY IT'S GREEN. Okay, for you to get it out of your hair, you must first understand how it got there. When you have blonde hair (most women color it to be blonde), it strips
Shampoo with swimmer's shampoo/conditioner. You can also use a paste made with crushed aspirin and tap water. Put on hair, cover with a plastic cap. Rinse out, and use a good conditioner
Fix your Total Alkalinity and your hair will stop turning green. Oxidized copper is what turns hair green and it can be because of high copper content in the local water supply or
Chlorine acts as a bleaching agent, stripping color from or lightening hair.
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You can remove the green colour that is caused by chlorine on blonde hair by washing it using shampoos with chelating agents. You can also use a homemade mixture ...
Chlorine turning blonde hair green is the result of a chemical reaction. The heavy metals in pool water, such as copper and iron, oxidize in the presence of chlorine ...
That's a common misconception. What you have is probably a high concentration of minerals (esp. copper) in the water. ...
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