How to Get Blonde Streaks in Brown Hair at Home?


There are a few different ways to get blonde streaks or highlights in brown hair without going to the hairdresser. The best way is to buy a home bleach kit. Choose how large you want the streaks to be, or if you simply want highlights, then follow the directions in the product, as each product is different. Leave the bleach in your hair until you have the desired color of blond and the amount of streaks you want, then wash thoroughly.
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1. Follow kit directions and do the strand test to be certain you are not allergic to the hair color. Prepare foil strips 4 inches wide, and long enough to completely surround a strand
Blond streaks would look more natural because golden highlights are more commonly found in brown hair than eggplant highlights.
my hair is mostly light blonde but it has 4 brown streaks and the underneaths dyed brown and its got like "dimension" and crap. im about to get it dyed all light blonde
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How to Get Blonde Streaks in Brown Hair at Home
A few blonde streaks in your brown hair can make a dramatic statement, or just give a sun-kissed look, depending on your application. Highlights can take years off your appearance, and give depth and contrast to your hair, but it is very expensive to... More »
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