Blood Gang Pledge?


The blood gang pledge is to vow to never associate with a crip gang member. And to be loyal to all blood gang members. Another pledge is to obey all blood rules.
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Heres a few- "Ash to ash, dust to dust, bloods i trust; Crabs we bust, kill a crab, when a prize, kill a blood, your whole family dies. "Let it flood, let it drip. let a
Blood pledge: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Blood Nation. I pledge my
Omar Portee also known as OG Mack is the founder of the blood gang. He was imprisoned for torture and killings and became more popular in prison. The Bloods are very well known in
They don't have a website. This right here should be a red flag. Even Westboro Baptist Church with a congregation of a few dozen can make a website, but this group of thousands, that
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The original name of the famed Bloods street gang was the Piru gang. The gang began its life as an anti-Crip gang in Compton, CA and the Bloods and Crips have ...
The top known gangs are the Bloods and the Crips. Many stories have been told about the Bloods vs The Crips. The Gang the Crips originated in Los Angeles in the ...
There is no national Blood Gang leader. Each subgroup, called a set, has their own leader. The gangs have an hierarchical leadership system with the leader of ...
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