Blood in Stool during Pregnancy?


There are different factors that can lead to blood in stool when you are pregnant. Some these factors include constipation, hemorrhoids, rectal tear, or bleeding in the digestive tract. You can avoid this by eating foods high with fiber, plenty intake of water, exercising and going for regular check ups for guidance.
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1. Discuss the issue with your obstetrician. He may have specific recommendations for you, and when you're pregnant, you should always speak with your doctor before making any changes
It is most likely hemorrhoids which is really common in
1 Take control of your body: By specific muscle relaxing exercises, physical stress can be controlled, thus allowing us to relax. Progressive relaxation of muscles also helps pregnant
Blood pressure is not always low during pregnancy, sometimes it is high, and most often it is normal. The reason it may be low is that the progesterone produced during pregnancy relaxes
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There are a number of factors that may turn your stool green during pregnancy. Some of these include diet, prenatal vitamins, intestinal disorders, abnormal colonic ...
Most women have blood in their stools due to hemorrhoids that develop during pregnancy. Also, most women do not get enough water and fiber in their diet, making ...
To prevent hard stools or constipation during pregnancy, you can eat foods that are high in fiber, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, and ensure that your ...
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