What Does a Blown Fuse Look like?


The best way to know visually if a fuse is blown is by looking at the fuse wire inside. If it looks like it is 'disconnected', the the fuse is blown. Sometimes blown fuses have burn marks, which is an obvious indicator that the fuse is blown.
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Things You'll Need. Flashlight. Instructions. Unplug the appliance that caused the blown fuse. Leaving the offending appliance plugged in often results in a surge which causes the
It sounds like there's a short inside your microwave loading down the internal power supply and blowing the fuse. Unless you are familiar with microwave theory of operation and repair
The purpose of a fuse is to restrict amperage traveling through an electrical circuit to a specified value. It does this by inserting itself into the circuit and running the current
You need to check it with a basic Ohmmeter/VOM/DMM. Unplug. Remove fuse. Check continuity. If there is continuity across the fuse - the fuse is good. You also can use a voltmeter
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