Blue Book Used RV Prices?


According to NADA Guides, the blue book prices for used RVs will vary depending on the year, make, model, and the amount of miles that the RV has. For example, a 1995 Holiday Rambler Imperial with the average yearly miles is worth $29,995. The RV store called Camping World has over fifty used RVs for sale and the prices range anywhere from $6,000 to $109,000, plus tax and shipping. It is also stated that there are several different types of RV classes, the classes are Class A, Class C, and Class B.
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1. Write down the current mileage of your recreational vehicle. This is one of the factors that determines value. 2. Inspect the interior of the motor home for nonworking appliances
The blue book price for a used Chevy Venture depends upon its year of manufacture, the length of its wheelbase, it accumulated mileage and many other factors. For example, a used
1 Check the local classified ads. This is generally the first place to. . Ad
The Kelly Blue Book price for a 1989 Porsche in good condition
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