How Early Does the Cervix Turn Blue When a Woman Is Pregnant?


Once you become pregnant, your cervix turns blue. This can happen as early as six to eight weeks following the moment you became pregnant. It can also happen later, but there is nothing to worry about if it comes later.
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Your cervix can change daily when pregnant or not. It can even change
okay u will have spotting after a pars mere usally ur doc will tell u if there was blood on her/his glove when he/she did the test. or u could have had a miscarridge and did not know
Not Medical Advice:It should occur when you are pregnant for at least 3 weeks.
Was check with a pap test nurse said cervix is blue/purple sign of preg. is this true
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The cervix typically turns blue during pregnancy. The cervix takes on the bluish tint between 6 and 12 weeks into the pregnancy. By this time a pregnancy test ...
There are several ways to make the cervix dilate. Having lots of sex, eating foods that are very spicy such as curry, taking black or blue cohosh and walking ...
A woman's cervix closes soon after conception, and is blue in color. To test for ovulation, your mucous should be a consistency like that of egg whites. It will ...
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