Blue Dress What Colours Eye Shadow Do I Use?


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Shimmery gold, I suggest. Hope this helped! x.
1. Apply a thin layer of primer. This will help keep the rest of the makeup in place. 2. Apply a thin line of blue eyeliner just above your lashes before applying the actual color
EYESHADOW: charcoal or silver eyshadow using a smoky effect OR you could use a gold or sunset gold also using a smoky effect. LIPSTICK: a simple natural pink or light red due to the
You could try a silver or gray eye shadow. You can
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Blue eyes are able to wear a wide array of eye shadow colours to enhance their eyes. Some colours, however, can really bring out or play up blue eyes better than ...
The best colours of eyeshadow to bring out your grey eyes are deep grey, black, deep browns and purple. The darkness of these colours will draw attention to the ...
The colour eye shadow to use with Cerise purple is neon bright colours such as pink ...
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