Why Are Fireworks Blue?


Fireworks are now made in many different colors and designs. Most of the time, you may notice an initial 'blue' color with some fireworks. This blue color is the result of an extremely high temperature from the firework exploding.
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Copper chloride ( blue. on the other hand, is unstable at high temperatures, so the. firework. cannot get too hot, yet must be bright enough to be seen.
1. Begin by opening Fireworks on your. computer.. Choose to Create a new file. 2. Make the document 300 by 300. Click the OK button. 3. Choose the Rectangle tool and use it to draw
Blue fireworks do exist and you may see them on Saturday, July 4 this year at a local fireworks show!
The blue in fireworks is produced by Barium Nitrate (Ba[NO3]NO3] and Aluminium Strontium Nitrate (Al,Sr[NO3]NO3]NO3] The problem is not that they are rare, instead they are EXTREMELY
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