Which fruits and vegetables are blue?


There are not many examples of blue fruits and vegetables. There are some that come close though. Black currants, black salsify, blueberries, blackberries, dried plums come close.
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The following are indigo (purplish-blue) fruits: Sloe, blueberry, damson, bullace, & huckleberry. The 3 you've probably never heard of are all in the plum family.
Blue and Purple fruits and vegetables are grouped together some
1. Place the fruits or vegetables inside a packaging material that is not prone to being dented or crushed and that will provide a sturdy shell for the produce, as produce containers
1. Take all the fruit/vegetables you need to wash and place them on a counter near a sink. Ad. 2. Place a colander in the sink if you like. 3. Turn on warm/cool water. Don't use hot
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