How do you train a blue heeler puppy?


In order to train a blue heeler puppy, you need to start young. Usually, somewhere around six months old is when you should start training them. They are very courageous and trustworthy dogs. Make sure to reward them when they do something right.
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1. Get your puppy accustomed to wearing a collar before introducing a leash. Give her at least a few hours to get used to the collar. You will know she is accustomed to wearing it
A Blue Heeler is a breed of dog. It is an Australian cattle dog, and it lives up to it's name with it's high energy and intelligence. It is also known as a Red Heeler and Queensland
It is important to realise that the Blue Heeler has been specially bred for Australian conditions, for rounding up cattle and helping with mustering. Because it is bred to be a "
Blue Heelers, also known as Australian Cattle Dogs, are meant to herd cattle in the dry fields of the Land Down Under. If you plan on raising a Blue Heeler puppy in your home instead
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Blue Heeler Puppy Tips
Every breed of dog is different; they each have their own personality traits, breed history and different exercise and grooming requirements. The Blue Heeler, also known as the Australian Heeler or the Australian Cattle Dog, is no exception.... More »
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A person can train a Blue Heeler Puppy by accustoming it to a collar. Blue Heeler Puppies for sale can be found at pounds so that they can be trained. Applying ...
Red Heeler's are dogs that originated in Australia and are commonly used to herd cattle. When an individual picks out a Red Heeler puppy they first want to make ...
A good Indian name for a female blue heeler is Blueberry. A blue heeler is a diminutive breed of dog developed for use as a trooper and herder of cattle. ...
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