What is blueschist facies?


Blueschist facies is a low to average-grade characterized by low heats and associated with subduction. Blueschist facies is determined by the particular heat-Force situations required to convert basalt to form blueschist. Blueschist is a metavolcanic rock that forms by the metamorphism of basalt and pillars with similar arrangement at high forces and low heats, approximately parallel to a distance of fifteen to thirty kilometers.
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( ′blü′shist ′fā′shēz ) (petrology) High-pressure, low-temperature metamorphism associated with subduction zones which produces a broad mineral
The presence of garnet (and other key minerals) is what *defines* a blueschist. So. it's kind of hard to have a blueschist with out them. Blueschist is a special metamorphic rock,
There was a time when geologists thought the Earth's crust was more or less stable. We take plate tectonics so much for granted these days that it's hard to remember that until about
blueschist (blshst) A bluish schist that gets its color from the presence of a sodic amphibolite, glaucophane, or a variety of glaucophane called crossite. Blueschist forms under
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