What is blueschist facies?


Blueschist facies is a low to average-grade characterized by low heats and associated with subduction. Blueschist facies is determined by the particular heat-Force situations required to convert basalt to form blueschist. Blueschist is a metavolcanic rock that forms by the metamorphism of basalt and pillars with similar arrangement at high forces and low heats, approximately parallel to a distance of fifteen to thirty kilometers.
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( ′blü′shist ′fā′shēz ) (petrology) High-pressure, low-temperature metamorphism associated with subduction zones which produces a broad mineral
The presence of garnet (and other key minerals) is what *defines* a blueschist. So. it's kind of hard to have a blueschist with out them. Blueschist is a special metamorphic rock,
The oceanic crust forms out of long cracks from which mafic (manganese and iron-rich) rock extrudes; the extruded material moves away from the central ocean fissures something like
blueschist (blshst) A bluish schist that gets its color from the presence of a sodic amphibolite, glaucophane, or a variety of glaucophane called crossite. Blueschist forms under
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