How to Reset a BMW E60?


BMW E60 is an automobile of the BMW 5 series which replaced the BMW F1 in March 2010. To reset the BMW E6, switch on the ignition to display the battery and brake lights. Release the odometer button and slightly press again and hold for 5 -10seconds, continuing pressing until the needed service item icon appears.
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1. Turn the ignition on without actually starting the car. 2. Press the odometer reset button and hold it in for about 5-10 seconds until the "Service" icon appears. 3.
The BMW E60 automobile platform is the basis of the 2003-onwards 5-Series automobile, replacing the BMW E39.
inside the glove compartment.
It's a bulb replacement. If it's anything similar to my Audi, there is a cover on the back of the headlight housing that you pop off. Then you can reach in, pull the wire connector
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The German made BMW M5 E60 engine has 385 lb of torque at 6100 rpm. It has a V10 engine. The car goes zero to 60 in 4.1 seconds. It was first released in 2005. ...
- Shelby Crown Victoria - Power to Weight: 267 bhp/ton. 0-60: 4.7. 0-100: 9.8. 60-100: 5.1. 1/4 Mile ET: 12.58. 1/4 Mile Terminal: 117. Dragstrip 1/4 Mile ET: ...
E34 was produced from 1988 through 1996 (1989 to 1995 in North America) while the E60 is the current 5 Series which started production in 2003 (E60 M5 started ...
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