How to Repair BMW Rims?


You can repair some BMW rims by using the alloy wheel repair. This works when the damage is mainly superficial. Any other damage can be repaired at your local BMW dealership.
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1. Collect the cleaning supplies and purchase the rim cleaner. Obtain a soft, nonabrasive sponge and towel. Add warm water to the bucket, filling it halfway. 2. Dunk the sponge into
I locate the Sportrak, 18 M6 BMW Wheels 3 Series 318 325i 328i 330i rims for sale on Amazon
the largest I would go for this car are 18x7.5. due to the fact the 323is has shallow wheel wells compared to the 328 or M3 you can not go larger. 19" will fit but the tiers
Should have kept the stock wheels. Beyern Rapp.….
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To repair BMW rims, remove the wheel from the vehicle, then the tire from the wheel. Sand the rim to an even finish and repaint with BMW factory paint. ...
Doing basic repair work on a BMW will require you to have some essential and basic skills first. To repair BMW rims, start by identifying the parts of the rims ...
One way to repair BMW Rims is to take it to the shop, preferably one that works on BMWs. The repair process doesn't take long. if there is significant damage to ...
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