What sounds does a bobcat make?


Bobcat sounds are loud and vicious. The sound a bobcat makes has been compared to that of a woman screaming. The bobcat sound rumbles in their chest and scares off predators.
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The sound of a Bobcat is like hearing the screaeming cries of a child being terribly hurt or tortured, in fact, you will not believe it is an animal when you hear it , and will think
A bobcat's sound is generally that of a low-pitched guttural growl. The sound is
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Well he is kinda right since they are in a rebuilding mode. But I really thought that Bobcats were the worst team ever. I feel bad that they got unlucky not getting Davis.
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The bobcat makes a range of sounds. One of this sounds is the typical cat meow, which is apparently the bobcat mating call. The other sounds the bobcat makes are common to all cats. These include hissing, spitting, making the hunting chattering sound and purring.
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