Bodies of Water in the Philippines?


The Philippines has several water bodies and some of them include Lakes, Rivers, Gulfs, Seas and springs. The most popular water body is the Surigao strait and its located between the Island of Mindanao and Leyte. For a detailed and candid explanation you can visit sites such as wikipedia.
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The bodies of water that surround the Philippines are. the South Celebes Sea to the south; the South China Sea to the west; the Sulu Sea, just south of the South China Sea; the Pacific
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"South Celebes Sea to the south the "South China Sea" to the west and
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The bodies of water that surround the Philippines are the Pacific Ocean, the South China Sea and the Celebes Sea. The Philippines is considered an archipelago. ...
The south china sea is West of the Philippines. . ...
The name of the body of water located in the north of the Philippines is the Philippine Sea. The Philippine Sea is bordered by the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, ...
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