Bodies of Water in the Philippines?


The Philippines has several water bodies and some of them include Lakes, Rivers, Gulfs, Seas and springs. The most popular water body is the Surigao strait and its located between the Island of Mindanao and Leyte. For a detailed and candid explanation you can visit sites such as wikipedia.
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Oceans & seas: Pacific Ocean on the east. South China Sea on the west and north. Celebes Sea on the south. Lakes: Laguna de bay. Taal Lake. Lake Caliraya. Lake Mainit. Naujan
"South Celebes Sea to the south the "South China Sea" to the west and
Lake Inari is Finland's northernmost lake and its third largest. It is situated somewhat far from any centers of industry and its drainage basin is used by reindeer herders. Lake
Water is used for everything! There are tens of thousands of different types of chemical reactions and interactions going on everywhere in the body all the time. Every one of these
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There are several water forms in the Philippines. It is an archipelago and is surrounded by the South China Sea, the Celebes Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. The Philippines ...
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